Welcome to NH Family Radio also known as WLMW 90.7FM. We are a non-commercial independent radio station based in Amherst but broadcasting in the greater Manchester, NH area. (see map on Listen Live!


Our programming is mostly from American Family Radio via satellite check out http://www.afr.org


We do have some local programs such as:

                           Girard At Large, Monday - Friday from 6 AM - 9 AM

                           Drop the Gloves, Tuesday from 4 PM - 7 PM

                           The Overcoming Word, Sundays at 5AM & 9AM - Pastor Ron Tannariello

                           Living By Grace, Sundays at 11AM - Pastor Carl Behrmann

                           The Revolution Show Friday and Saturday nights from 7-10PM  

                           Voice to the Nations, Sundays at 1 PM - Evangelist Eugene May                       


If you would like to produce a show please use our Contact Us page and send us a note.